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About Us

Our Vision

We strives to be your go-to hub in APAC for low cost, high value, and extremely simple solutions for the ever evolving IT landscape.

Why us?

We understand what it is to have pain in the cloud centric, data driven, regulation laden landscape of the enterprise. We have sold into a variety of verticals, from the very small to the very large organizations, worked side by side with partners, service providers and telco providers, as well as have managed operations in some of those same organizations. This has allowed us to form a top down approach drawing on our experience of what works and doesn't. Most importantly we believe that by actively listening to your needs, this will help us tailor the right solution to accelerate your business without draining your bank account.

Why Now?

IT has transformed over the past few years, and presently likely spans your entire organization; its reach has spread far beyond the data-center. IT has found its way to the very heart of the most important and valuable resource in your company – your data.

Who are we?

ShapeMyCloud P/L is located in Singapore, with reach throughout Asia Pacific and holds a laser focus on the strength of developing a partner-centric ecosystem. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our sales representatives.