What is eloomi?

eloomi is all about simplicity and staff engagement. eloomi helps simplify learning for F&B businesses that want more for less. Regardless of culture, size and maturity of learning and performance, eloomi helps all with a combination of functionalities that suits them best. Going digital has never been more simple!

How do we work?

eloomi is a software that engages people and simplifies corporate training and performance improvement. We connect the dots between learning and performance to gain greater outcomes.

  • As a challenger of the industry and a force multiplier, we streamline your curriculum to better mobilize your salesforce
  • Improved onboard performance management
  • Improved UX, better look and feel and allowing for simpler administration

How can we help in F&B

Since F&B is a constantly changing arena, here is how we can optimize your business.

  • Disseminate information quickly; from weekly menu changes to new training practices
  • Perform daily to-do/operational checklists and edit them on the fly
  • Motivate your employees and drive performance with incentives and rewards
  • Create efficiency and keep your customers satisfied

Who have we helped in F&B?

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The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.

Julian Casablancas